Sabarmati Riverfront - a Heartline of Ahmedabad City

Sabarmati Riverfront - a Heartline of Ahmedabad City

Sabarmati river is one of the famous rivers in Gujarat, and it is starting from Rajasthan and passes from the middle of Ahmedabad city. Sabarmati Riverfront is a waterfront built beside the banks of Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad city, India.  Introduced in the 1960s, the construction started in 2005. In 2012,  Ex-Chief Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the riverfront and opened it to the public.

Things to know about Sabarmati Riverfront


Sabarmati riverfront now counted as a world-famous and attractive tourist place after Ahmedabad was declared as a heritage city of India by UNESCO. Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project is one of the best examples of infrastructure development for tourists in India. Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation Limited (SRFDCL) is the main institution who has developed the 11.5 km planned promenade on two sides of the river and also built a riverfront park that attracts the tourists. For Sabarmati Riverfront project development AMC (Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation) received HUDCO National Award 2012.


Sabarmati riverfront project has built approximately 200 hectares of land from the riverbed. This land protects low lying developments from floods, and to stop the erosion of the river banks, retaining walls have been constructed on both sides of the river. Sabarmati is the seasonal river, and Narmada canal water routed into the river.Near the riverfront side, AMC has developed  Sabarmati riverfront park, cycling section, public washrooms, boating stations, and a total of 31 Ghats built for the public and tourists. From these, the Ellis Bridge is the oldest bridge, and it was constructed in 1873. It was destroyed in floods because it was a wooden structure then it was rebuilt for use. Other bridges names are Gandhi Bridge, Nehru Bridge, Subhash Bridge, Vadaj - Dudheshwar Bridge, Sardar Bridge, Chandrabhaga Bridge, Ambedkar Bridge (Vasna Pirana Bridge), Lal Bahadur Shastri Bridge, Fernandes Bridge and the Dandi Bridge.


The flower garden is the best attraction part of Sabarmati riverfront that spreads in Approx 45000 Sq Mt, and here you will find more than 330 native and imported flower species. Sabarmati Flower show is also famous in the whole Gujarat state, and this event happens every year in the January second week schedule for the public.

Sabarmati Riverfront Ahmedabad- a Perfect Tourist Place to Visit in Ahmedabad | Vlog

How to reach Sabarmati riverfront?


Sabarmati riverfront is the centre point of Ahmedabad city, so you will be reached here easily through public transport and your own vehicle. But here we provide you a proper route with distance.

What is the distance between Ahmedabad railway station and Sabarmati riverfront?

From Ahmedabad railway station to Sabarmati riverfront 4km distance and you can reach here using the taxi or AMC buses, and below bus numbers help you.  


  • 89/1 bus pick up from kalupur terminus
  • 89/3 bus pick up from kalupur terminus


How to reach Sabarmati riverfront from Gnadhinagar?

From Gandhinagar city to Sabarmati riverfront 22km, and you will get a direct bus from Gandhinagar GSRTC bus stop.

Sabarmati Riverfront Best view from bridge


sabarmati riverfront view from subhash bridge

sabarmati riverfront view from subhash bridge

Why is the Sabarmati Riverfront famous between Ahmedabadi People?

Below Speciality makes it famous between Ahmedabadi people

  • Cycling section and it helps you to maintain your healthy life. Here you will get cycle on rent of only 30 rs for 30min.
  • Motorboating section is the best place to drive a 3-4 km boat. For boating, 40 Rs for motorboats and 100 Rs for a speed boat.
  • Sabarmati Riverfront Park is a beautiful place, and that is attracting Ahmedabadi people. Park entry fee 5 Rs for Child and 10 Rs for Adult.
  • International Kite Festival is a famous event celebrated every year in the month of January.

Attractions near Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad

Final Words

Sabarmati riverfront is one of the beautiful tourist places in Ahmedabad, and it is the first longest riverfront of India. This is a good example of riverside development for other Indian states and the world. Therefore we write this blog dedicated to the SRFDCL team for their work, and we spread about Sabarmati riverfront through this article. Give your feedback..

Faq on Sabarmati Riverfront

Why is Sabarmati Riverfront popular?

Sabarmati Riverfront is the best riverfront in India,and it's the best hangout place in Ahmedabad and a good example of infrastructure development for tourists in India. Here you can find beautiful gardens, world heritage Sabarmati Ashram and Atal bridge, therefore its famous tourist destination.

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