Seven Sisters Hill Station- Best Place for Trekking in Maharashtra

Seven Sisters Hill Station

Maharashtra is the hub of hill stations in India and famous for natural tourist destinations. Maharashtra has dangerous trekking places on beautiful hills and I explored one of them which is Seven Sisters hill and known as Satbahini Dongar in the local area. This mountain is situated at Perjagadh near Nagpur, and its 459m tall and 35 km long mountain range up to Nagbhir Tehsil.

Why is this mountain known as Seven Sisters hill?

Seven sisters lived on this mountain named Ambai, Nimbai, Muktai, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Mahakali and Durga and some local people told me that these sisters used to live in the caves of the hill in ancient times and they died by jumping from the hill Hence the name of this place is Seven Sisters Hills.

How to reach Seven Sisters hill?

Seven Sisters Hill is situated in the forest area of Parjagarh and here you can see complete greenery all around you. You can reach here through a booked taxi , personal car and two wheeler from nearest town Chimur  and nearest cities Nagpur and Chandrapur.

  • Nearest Bus stand is Chimur from here Seven Sisters Hill is 27.5 km far
  • Nearest  Railway Station is Nagpur and Chandrapur.
  • Seven Sisters Hill is 106 km far from Nagpur Railway Station, so you can visit there directly through a booked taxi. 
  • Seven Sisters Hill is 100 km far from Chandrapur Railway Station, so you can visit there directly through a booked taxi. 

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Things to do at Seven Sisters Hill

  • Seven sisters hill famous for Trekking in winter and rainy season 
  • Here you can do the darshan of lord Ganesh at the middle of the way and lord shiva on the top of the hill.
  • People from the nearest village worship here during Makar Sankranti and Mahashivratri.
  • Here you can see the beautiful sunset & sunrise.
  • People also face wild animals because of this place in a forest area.
  • In the rainy season you can see that beautiful clouds are near you. 
  • Top of the hill you can do small picnic with your friends and family.


My Tour Experience at Seven Sisters Hill

My experience is good but I made a mistake in planning the trip as I went there in summer time at 1 pm when the sun is on top and humidity is high. I suggest you to plan your tour there during winter or rainy season in the early morning because at that time you can feel more greenery and cool environment. Another suggestion to our government to develop and promote this place that improve the tourism in this place and people in the village will get employment and they can start small stall to this place. 

Things to take care during trekking at Seven Sisters Hill

  • Wear proper sports shoes because there you will find big and small stone on the way, so sports shoes help you during trekking. 
  • Take minimum two-three litters water with you because top of the hill you will not get any shop and water system, so water bottles are the best option to take with you. 
  • Always follow each other during trekking because this is a forest area that prevents to lose.

Last words

In this blog, I just share my small pictures and view on this place but the real enjoyment you will get after visiting there is so I recommend you to visit this tourist destination and enjoy your life. If you like my blog, please subscribe my blog for next update.

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