10+ Best Restaurants in Ahmedabad- Must Visit

Ahmedabad is the main metropolis of Gujarat, a western Indian state, and it's also declared India's first Unesco Heritage City for its unique multicultural heritage. It is an attractive city to visit for its beautiful buildings, old quarter, museums, night markets, and of course restaurants. Let's explore Ahmedabad's top restaurants and the speciality of it.


Top 10+ Restaurants in Ahmedabad

  1. Neelkanth Patang 
  2. Gordhan Thal
  3. Iscon thal
  4. Agashiye
  5. Purohit Restaurant Maninagar
  6. Rajwadu
  7. Sankalp Restaurant
  8. Jungle Bhookh Restaurant
  9. Mocha
  10. Atithi Dining Hall
  11. Barbeque Nation

Neelkanth Patang Restaurant

Neelkanth Patang is the revolving restaurant in Ahmedabad located at Nehru Bridge Corner. The revolving restaurant offers you the best panoramic views of the city with serving delicious food, and it ultimately gives you luxurious dining. Therefore Patang Restaurant famous for its uniqueness. Neelkanth Patang Restaurant situated 221ft above from the ground, and it's managed by the Bhagwati group. Here you will find three types of delicious food like Continental, Chinese & Indian food. One of the best things is people enjoy their food with the views of the Sabarmati riverfront from the tower of Patang Restaurant. Patang Restaurant currently charged 1600 rs for two people

Gordhan Thal 

Gordhan Thal Restaurant is one of the famous places to eat Gujarati & Rajasthani food found by Gordhansinh Purohit. Gordhan Thal is the franchise of Gordhan group, a popular catering service provider in the world. Gordhan Thal Restaurant is mainly known for traditional unlimited Gujarati thali in Ahmedabad city. Another reason behind the success of Gordhan Thal Restaurant it's the reasonable price of food with maintaining high quality and unique taste. Gordhan Thal Restaurant situated near Sarkhej - Gandhinagar Highway and Opp. Rajpath Club. If you are plan to party with your family or friends then must visit one time here and taste the traditional food.

Iscon thal 

Iscon thal is famous for authentic gujarati food thali with quality. In this thali, you will get a mixture of Gujarati food items from all corners of Gujarat. One question everyone has is why it's known as Iscon thal? Because this restaurant is near to Iskcon temple and its entry point of Ahmedabad city from saurashtra. As per customer reviews, Iscon thal staff behavior and food serving is very good with high quality taste food. As per our research, the food expense of two people is 700 rs with unlimited food means 350 rs for each and therefore we highly recommend to all of you to try Iscon thal once in your life.


Agashiye is the popular terrace restaurant in Ahmedabad, and it's the heritage hotel serving traditional Gujarati recipes & thalis since 1920. Gujarati meaning of terrace is Agashiye, so this restaurant's brand name is Agashiye and it is known for best Gujarati thali restaurant in India. Agashiye restaurant food quality is neither too spicy nor too oily and two rates of thali Rs 1095 and Rs 1495. This restaurant Gujarati thali is most expensive compared to other restaurants in Ahmedabad.

 Purohit Restaurant Maninagar

Purohit restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Ahmedabad. It was established in 1980 and serves the same quality of food. Purohit restaurant is the best place to eat delicious North Indian & Gujarati food. Purohit Restaurant & Dining Hall at Maninagar provides the best food experience by serving palatable food.Here the minimum price of two-person approx 400 rupees.


Rajwadu is the theme-based traditional Gujarati & Rajasthani restaurant in Ahmedabad. It is spread over 12000 sq yards and represents the traditional life of Indian village. It was started in August 1998 by implementing the unique idea of Mr Paresh Patel, Mr Rajesh Patel And Mr Manish Patel. Behind the concept of this unique restaurant to provide the taste of village to the Ahmedabadis. Here the minimum price of two-person approx 1300 rupees.

 Sankalp Restaurant

Sankalp Restaurant is a well-known restaurant for south Indian food, and it was established in 1980 at Ashram Road in Ahmedabad. Sankalp provides purely South Indian taste to the customer and wins the heart of customers, and it makes Sankalp a famous South Indian food brand in Ahmedabad. An innovative menu and regular food festival with no compromise in taste that makes it special between the customers. Sankalp restaurant won three Guinness Book of World Records awarded for longest dosa in the world. Here approx the expenses two people  Rs.600, so must visit and taste the south food.

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Jungle Bhookh Restaurant

Jungle Bhookh Restaurant based on Jungle theme who provides the best dining experience in Ahmedabad. Jungle Bhookh Restaurant serves the best Indian and global food meals to the customers with innovative style. Here Unlimited Jungle bhookh lunch package is very famous between people, and this is the best offer for a food lover. Approx expense here Rs. 900 between two people. 


Mocha is a famous cafe restaurant in Ahmedabad. Shimmering lights, colourful and romantic theme with delicious food make it too famous between the couples. It's the best restaurant in Ahmedabad to celebrate valentine day with your special person. Approx expense here of two people Rs.800, so plan your next valentine day special dinner with your beloved.

 Atithi Dining Hall

In the Indian culture "Atithi" means guest and elders called guests is one of the forms of god, so this restaurant's name is based on it. This restaurant is one of the oldest competitors in the restaurant chain in Ahmedabad. It was started in August 2001, by Mr Patel an owner of Atithi Dining Hall with the vision to provide the taste of Gujarat. As per customer review, Atithi Dining Hall provides the best Gujarati thali in Ahmedabad at a reasonable rate.

 Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation is one of the famous and largest restaurant chains in India. It was founded in 2006 by Kayum Dhanani, and has 138 outlets in India, 5 outlets in UAE, 1 outlet in Malaysia and 1 outlet in Oman. This restaurant works on the concept of “over the table barbeque” and it attracts the people. This is the best place to eat who likes non-veg and veg food both and the price is very reasonable. In Ahmedabad, Prahlad Nagar section has the best Barbeque Nation restaurant and minimum Avg. the expense here 670 per head. Must experience one time to eat in Barbeque Nation.

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