Devghali Beach - Tour Experience, How to Reach & More

Devghali Beach

Maharashtra is a heaven of natural tourism in India and you can see beautiful natural tourist places in this state. This time my plan was to explore the western coasts of Maharashtra also known as the Konkan region. Devghali beach is a hidden gem of Konkan region, inviting travelers to discover its untouched beauty. If you're seeking a serene retreat away from the bustling city life, this beach is a perfect destination. In this blog, we'll delve into the enchanting tour experience at Devghali Beach or Kasheli Beach, Ratnagiri. 

Details About Devghali Beach or Kasheli Beach Ratnagiri

Devghali beach is located in Kasheli village of Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra on the Western Ghat. This beach is also known as Kasheli beach and famous for Kanakaditya temple which is a very famous and ancient temple situated in Kasheli village.If you stay Ratnagiri city during your tour then this place is nearly 37 km far from the city, so don’t miss this tourist destination during your tour. 

Devghali Beach: A Visual Delight

Previously I was tour Golden beach Puri  which is the one of the cleanest beaches on bay of bengal but this one is antic beach on Arabian sea with its untouched landscapes ,crystal-clear waters, and a backdrop of lush greenery. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a photographer, or simply someone looking to unwind by the sea, Devghali has something to offer for everyone.

Main Attractions of Devghali Beach

Main attractions of this beach are Landscape view , table point view and small cave where the sun god statue was found by Kankadevi ,and then shifted the statue by villagers and built the Sun temple which is Kanakaditya temple and is over 800 years old. 

small cave at devghali

Tour Experience at Kasheli beach

Beautiful Sahyadri mountain range with a wide view of the beach from height and pollution free atmosphere made my mind full of happiness. I can’t believe this type of tourist destination is also present in our country and I was shocked that time because I heard Indian tourism is not world class from non Indian tourists but this is wrong conception.

table point view of Devghali Beach

I spent most of the time at the table point view and captured beautiful photos during this time. From the small shop here I tasted the local drink known as “Kokum Sharbat” which is sweet and sour.

Kokum Sharbat

But some negative things are done by our people which is throwing garbage at this tourist place. As an Indian, I just appeal to all tour lovers not to spread the garbage of this natural tourist destination because it will be finished our tourism places. This is my small tour experience to share with you.

How to Reach Devghali Beach Kasheli Ratnagiri

Kasheli village is well-connected through a road with Ratnagiri city, so therefore you need to first reach Ratnagiri city. From Ratnagiri city to Devghali beach 37 km by road but my small tips will help you more.

By Rail : First reach Ratnagiri Railway Station and you can reach by booked car or rental car ,and you can reach Kasheli through bus from Ratnagiri bus stop. From Ratnagiri railway station to Devghali beach nearly 41 km. 

By Airport: Nearest airports for Ratnagiri are Kolhapur (KLH) Airport which is 110.3 km far & Goa Mopa (GOX)  far 152.2 km, so first reach one of them then by road or by rail you can reach Devghali beach. 

By Road: You can reach through bus or car from any nearest major cities like Mumbai, Pune , Madgaon , and Kolhapur using state highways and national highways. But main is Mumbai -Goa highway which is connected to all state highways. Devghali beach distance from major cities that help you. 

  • Ratnagiri to Kasheli beach distance - 39 km using MH SH4
  • Pune to  Kasheli beach distance -  335 km
  • Kolhapur to Kasheli beach distance-140 km using MH SH269  
  • Mumbai to  Kasheli beach distance- 385 km using NH 66
  • Madgaon to Kasheli beach distance- 229 km using NH 66

Tips : Plan your trip for two-three days and book your car or two wheeler rental in advance because this will make your tour easy. I booked my car rental with the driver in advance so I could easily tour the Konkan remote areas. 

Best time to Visit Devghali Beach Kasheli Ratnagiri 

Two seasons are the best time to visit Devghali beach. One is the winter season between November to February , and the second is the rainy season between July- September. I recommend you to visit during the winter season because this time the weather is pleasant. 

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