UNESCO and Rajasthan Tourism come together to develop the cultural hubs of Rajasthan


UNESCO and Rajasthan come together to develop the cultural hubs of Rajasthan(Image Source: www.pexels.com)

Rajasthan is known for its incredible culture and old historical places. Rajasthan tourism department has implemented a development project with UNESCO.  This project aims to develop 10 major cultural hubs in different districts of Rajasthan, including places like Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner, and Barmer. By adopting the 'Art of life' methodology these hubs are being developed by UNESCO and will help handicrafts artists and Rajasthani performing artists.


The development plan of Rajasthan cultural hubs

Rajasthan is the well-known heritage place of India and traditionally too prosperous. But UNESCO plan is to develop heritage education and cultural enterprises through making and supporting direct marketing for the Rajasthani artists. Rajasthani art and traditional things like puppetry, pottery, handloom, jooti making, kalbelia dance and music, langas songs and applique work and other artworks now disappear or present in limited families.


These art forms are very charming and unique too and capture the attention of foreign travellers always.Therefore UNESCO and Rajasthan tourism have decided to work together to promote these arts on a global platform, and they will make sure to connect the artists with an admirer of their artwork.


Now, In the limit of cultural tourism, the art of life connects with culture with skilling, businesses, and economic development. The hubs which are selected from nearest tourist places and by growing these artist groups the nearby tourist circuits will give a different experience to the visitors.


The development of cultural heritage ensures recognition to the artists and helps them in building their unique personality. It helps to improve the lifestyle and build the new business for the durrie weavers of Salawas in Jodhpur, jutti and Kasidakari artists of Barmer, potters of Pokhran in Jaisalmer and others.


In the local areas and villages, showcase the manufacturing of local handicraft products for tourists that have been in high demand in the global market. In the same way, the music of Rajasthan villages offers visitors and gives an experience of desert tunes.

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Last words

Rajasthan is the world heritage place, and here comes tourists from all over the world. UNESCO and Rajasthan tourism department development plans boast the Rajasthan tourism business and generate employment for Rajasthani people. 

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