Shri Kanakaditya Temple Kasheli Village, Ratnagiri - Travel Guide

Sri Kanakaditya Temple Kasheli Village

Maharashtra is famous for its rich history and ancient temples. This time my plan was to explore the coastal region of Maharashtra and the Western Ghats, known as the Konkan region. I got to know the ancient forts and temples in Konkan region and at that time I visited Sri Kanakaditya Temple, which is one of the ancient temples which is around 860 years old according to the villagers and archaeologists.This is just an overview, let's start the blog with full tour details.

History Behind the Sri Kanakaditya Temple Kasheli

Sri Kanakaditya Temple is the one and only Sun temple in Maharashtra and situated at Kasheli village of Rajapur Taluka in Ratnagiri District, and it's nearly 860 years old. Behind the name of Kanakaditya has story of Kanakabai who lived in Kasheli village and she was sun-worshipping women who got dream about idol of lord Sun which is kept in cave near Kasheli beach and lord Surya wants install this idol at Kasheli village, this story of merchant ship which is stuck at near Kasheli between hill that time he thought lord surya stuck the boat which is came from Saurashtra in 1293 because that time Allauddin Khilji marched on Saurashtra and boatman put the load surya idol in cave which already on their boat. The Villagers heard about this idol from Kanakbai after that with the help of villagers Kanakbai  found the lord Surya idol then villagers made the temple and Sri Kanakaditya Temple name given by villagers. Previously I visited a temple which has a wonderful story and this temple is known as Konark sun temple,but the location is different from each other but lord Surya presents both places and I enjoyed both tours.

Sri Kanakaditya Temple Kasheli

Sri Kanakaditya Temple Architecture

The structure of Sri Kanakaditya Temple attracted me before visiting this place and after that I visited this temple, at that time my mind and heart was completely impressed because the temple is more beautiful than the online photos and videos that I saw. I asked about temple design with locals and they told me it's an authentic Konkani architectural style temple and fully made with Sagwan tree wood.

Sri Kanakaditya Temple Architecture

Best things about Sri Kanakaditya Temple

As per my tour experience, entry is not allowed without foot wash with water because its authentic way to enter the temple. For foot wash the best thing available is the old Konkani method of drawing water from well outside the temple.

Best things about Sri Kanakaditya Temple

Best time to visit Sri Kanakaditya Temple

Two seasons are the best time to visit Sri Kanakaditya Temple. One is the winter season between November to February , and the second is the rainy season between July- September. I recommend you to visit during the winter season because this time the weather is pleasant.

Timings of Sri Kanakaditya Temple Kasheli

Sri Kanakaditya Temple timings are Morning 5.00 AM to 12.00 Noon and Evening: 4.00 PM to 8.00 PM. Need 30 mins to explore the whole temple properly. 

Photography is allowed in Sri Kanakaditya Temple?

Photography is not allowed in the temple, but you can capture your photos outside the temple.

Photography at Sri Kanakaditya Temple

Video of Sri Kanakaditya Temple

How to reach Sri Kanakaditya Temple?

Best way to reach this place is by bus or rental cab from Ratnagiri city, so first reach Ratnagiri by train then visit through bus or cab there. From Ratnagiri city to Sri Kanakaditya Temple distance is 37 km and it takes 30 to 45 min to reach this destination.

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