Ghodazari Lake - Hidden Beauty of Dense Forest of Maharashtra

Ghodazari Lake

Maharashtra is a destination of natural places with its rich cultural, historical places and breathtaking landscapes. This time I explored Vidarbha region of Maharashtra state, and there is unknown forest tourism in this region that you need to know and Ghodazari Lake is an unexplored beautiful tourist destination in this forest region.

Ghodazari Lake Details

Ghodazari Lake Details

Ghodazari lake is the part of Ghodazari dam which was built during british time in the year 1923 on Gorazari river as part of Irrigation Projects, and its the earthfill dam and located at Nagbhid in Chandrapur district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Ghodazari is the small village which is under Bramhapuri forest division and from village name lake is known as Ghodazari lake.

Things to do at Ghodazari Lake 

  • Ghodazari is also known for Ghodazari Wildlife Sanctuary, so during entering Ghodazari village you can see dense forest surrounding you which feels like a jungle safari.
  • Ghodazari lake is the best spot for a one day picnic but you can stay also at ghodazari lake resort or Nagbhid which is the nearest town from Ghodazari lake and its 11.4 km away.
  • You can see beautiful park ,Bramhapuri mountain range  and boating is the main tourist attraction.
  • You can visit Ghodazari dam and the waterfall that's situated nearest to the lake.
  • You can see sal trees and tendu trees in the dense jungle.  
  • Sunset view is main attraction of Ghodazari lake and best time for sunset view nearly 5pm

My Experiences of Ghodazari Lake Tour 

  • I had visited Ghodazari Lake once two years ago but that time I could not explore properly as I reached late at that time. But this time I reached before time and got to know the beautiful Ghodazari park, lake and saw the enchanting landscape with dense forest.
  • The best things about this place are the peace, crystal clear water and sunset which make my visit successful.
  • My one suggestion is don't forget to do photography as this is the perfect place for it and capture your beautiful moments.
  • Boating activities are also good here at a reasonable ticket cost.

Best time to visit Ghodazari lake

  • You can plan to visit between August and October because this time is the rainy season and you can see awesome greenery in the whole forest and surrounding area of the lake, and you can see waterfalls and another best time is winter between November to February because this time the disturbance of rain is zero and weather is cool.
  • Ghodazari lake timings 5pm closed ,so enter before this time.

Best tourist places near Ghodazari lake

  • Best tourist places near Ghodazari lake are Seven sisters hill, Tadoba National park, Ghodazari waterfall, Muktabai Waterfall, Shiv Tekdi and Maa Kali temple chandrapur etc. 

Ghodazari lake tour cost

  • Tour cost depends on factors like distance, vehicle , person but I just mentioned here my cost which is nearly 2500 rs with a car including driver cost and covers two places. I visited by car from Chimur which is nearly 40 km far. 
  • Boating charges start from 60 rs and highest is 100 rs. 
  • Parking charges 50 rs for a car and 10 rs for two wheeler.
  • Entry fees at Ghodazari lake park is 20 rs per person.

How to reach Ghodazari lake?

This place is situated in Vidarbha as per discussed previously, so I mentioned the proper connectivity details here. 

  • From Nagpur railway station to Ghodazari distance is nearly 107 km , and the best option is rental car for it because bus frequency is low.
  • If you plan to come from a plane then Nagpur airport is the nearest airport and from airport its 110 km far. 
  • Second option is Chandrapur railway station and its 106 km from Ghodazari lake and then travel by rental car.
  • My suggestion is book your rental car in advance and it is the best option for a tour.

Ghodazari lake photos

Ghodazari lake sunset view
Ghodazari lake

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