Matka Chicken Biryani Recipe - A Famous Indian Village Food

Mataka chicken biryani

Matka Biryani or Pot Biryani is one of the famous recipes in the Indian villages and restaurants.  Matka biryani has two versions one is veg, and another is non-veg, but this time we discuss the non-veg version of it. 

In India, the biryani recipe is a famous and most eatable food recipe. It has so many versions and types but nobody knows about Mataka chicken biryani so we have researched and taken the help of good restaurants in India who know about it. This time Tuli's Restaurant shared the recipe with us.

Let's see the below video on the recipe and know how to make it.

Matka Chicken Biryani Ingredients

Matka Chicken Biryani

  1. 300gm biryani rice

  2. 500gm chicken

  3. 2tbsp  kewra water

  4. 2tbsp rose water

  5. 2tbsp milk

  6. kesar

  7. mitha athor

  8. 2tbsp biryani masala

  9. 3 onion ka beresta

  10. 1tbsp haldi powder

  11. 1tbsp kashmiri red chilli powder

  12. 1tbsp ginger garlic paste

  13. 1tbsp cumin powder

  14. 1tbsp coriander powder

  15. 1tbsp garam masala powder

  16. 4 big slice onion

  17. Mustard oil 

  18. Ghee

  19. Vegetable oil

  20. 3 green chilli 

  21. 1tbsp black chilli 

  22. Gorom Masala

  23. 3 red chilli

  24. 2tabs viniger

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