Everything need to know about Adalaj Ni Vav

Adalaj Ni Vav

Ahmedabad is one of the historical places and heritage cities of Indian state Gujarat. Ahmedabad is known as India's first UNESCO heritage city for the unique architecture of archaeological sites. In this article, we discuss one of the archaeological places which is known as Adalaj Ni Vav.


Adalaj Ni Vav is located in Adalaj, a village of Gandhinagar district and nearest to Ahmedabad city. It was established in 1499 by Queen Rudabai, wife of the Veersinh a Vaghela chief, and this five-floor stepwell has cultural and useful space. The reason behind the building of Adalaj Ni Vav is to provide drinking water to people of nearby villages.


Story Behind the Architecture of Adalaj Ni Vav


Adalaj stepwell is more than 400 years old, and it is the best example of Indo-Islamic design and architecture combination. It is not easily built because king Rana Veer Singh has given the sacrifice in War with Muslim king Mahmud Begada during the construction. After that, the Muslim king Mahmud Begada developed it in Indo-Islamic architecture.


Let see what happened at that time through a small story

 As per history in the 15th century, Rana Veer Singh is the Hindu king of Dandai Desh that time Adalaj known as this name. In the kingdom of Rana Veer Singh water storage was a big issue and they mostly depended on rainwater, so the king Rana has started the construction of a large stepwell. But during the construction, his kingdom was attacked by Mohammed Begda, the Muslim king of a neighbouring kingdom.


In this battle, Rana Veer Singh killed and his lands inhabited by Mohammed Begda. But Rana Veer Singh has a pretty wife as Rani Roopba (or Roodabai), desired to perform Sati and join her spouse in the heaven. But Mohammed Begda stopped her from sacrifice her own life and offered marriage with the dowager. Rani Roopba accepted a marriage offer on one condition that he would first complete the construction of the stepwell. The Muslim king who deeply loved her for the beauty of the queen agreed to the proposal and built the well in record time.


But after completing the stepwell which was started by her husband, a queen sacrifices her life through the jump in a deep well on the memory of her husband's life sacrifice.

The Merits of Adalaj Stepwell Architecture 


Adalaj Stepwell built in sandstone which is in the Solanki architectural style. Five floor structure with uniquely designed walls and pillars attracts the world's tourists. Top of the well is octagonal shaped with intricately carved on large pillars. A different set of three stairs from different directions it looks attractive from the ground floor.


Design of flowers and graphics of Islamic architecture with Hindu and Jain gods carved on a wall at different levels of the stepwell so this is the best place to know Indian carving style.

One interesting thing as per research, the temperature of the inner side of the stepwell is five degrees low lower than the outer atmosphere of the stepwell. This is the best example of a natural air conditioner, and it is encouraged the women who came to get water to spend more time in the stepwell.

How to reach Adalaj ni vav?



Ahmedabad Railway Station To Adalaj ni Vav:

From Ahmedabad railway station to Adalaj Stepwell distance is 19.7 Km, and it takes approx 40min to reach. From the railway station, you can reach through taxi service, public transport and rickshaw service.


Gandhinagar Bus stop to Adalaj ni Vav:

From Gandhinagar Busstop to Adalaj Stepwell distance is 9.9 Km, and it takes approx 20min to reach. You can reach through direct bus service and rickshaw service.


Ahmedabad Airport to Adalaj ni Vav:


From Ahmedabad Airport to Adalaj Stepwell distance is 14.7 Km, and it takes approx 25min to reach. From the airport, you can reach by taxi and rickshaw services.

Ahmedabad bus stop to Adalaj ni Vav:

From Ahmedabad Busstop to Adalaj Stepwell distance is 21.7 Km, and it takes approx 45min to reach. You can reach through direct bus service and rickshaw service.


Timing & Entry Fees for Adalaj ni Vav:

Adalaj Stepwell Visiting time is 6 am to 6 pm from Monday to Sunday. Entry Fees for Indians is 20Rs. , and 200 Rs. for foreign people.

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 Last Lines

India is a well-known tourist place for archaeological places, and this time AmazingtourIndia covered Adalaj Ni Vav for you. Read this and give your feedback.


Everything need to know about Adalaj Ni Vav

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