Top 10+ Gujarati Thali Restaurant In Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Gandhinagar is the peaceful and beautiful capital city of an Indian state of Gujarat. Gandhinagar is known as the heart of Gujarat because it's located in middle Gujarat. Gandhinagar is famous for greenery, tourist places and mouthwatering Gujarati food restaurants. But we list here the best Gujarati thali restaurant of Gandhinagar to help you choose a food destination during hunger.

Ghunghat Garden Restaurant - Hotel Ghunghat

Ghunghat is one of the oldest restaurants in Gandhinagar. At Ghunghat, you will find three combinations like the Hotel, Restaurant and garden. This restaurant famous for testy food with quality, here you find north Indian, south Indian and very special Gujarati food. Here you find Sweetness and Quality Gujarati food with a good serving.

56 Bhog Restaurant

56 Bhog Restaurant is the best Gujarati food destination of Gandhinagar. Gujarati thali of famous for its 56 variety of food and quality. Gujarati wedding food and large banquet service make this restaurant different from others.

Shree Radhe Thaal

Shree Radhe Thaal is a well-known restaurant for Gujarati thali. But at this restaurant, you will find a combination of three cultural foods like Gujarati, North Indian, Kathiyawadi in reasonable price.

Adarsh Bhojnalaya

Adarash Bhojnalay one of best Kathiyawadi restaurant in Gandhinagar city. Here you find different variety of Kathiyawadi and Gujarati foods. As per people reviews, quality and cleanness are very good at this restaurant.

Rajwadi Bhojanalay

Rajwadi is a famous casual dining restaurant for delicious food. It is the best place to enjoy a meal with your friends and family. Here you find good Gujarati Thali within your budget.

Pathikashram Aatithya Restaurant

Pathikashram Aatithya Restaurant is the favourite destination for Gujarati thali in Gandhinagar. If you like typical Gujarati variety of food, then it's the best place for you.

1 thali garden restaurant

1 Thali Garden restaurant is famous for unlimited Kathiawadi meal for Rs 200. In the restaurant you can enjoy your food in the open garden and they change the menu everyday but the taste is unique that's why this restaurant is famous among the people of Gandhinagar. Here you can also enjoy desi food like makki di roti and juwar no rotlo with brinjal bharta. This place is located near GIFT City and at Shahpur Chowki.

Bansari Traditional

This restaurant is famous for the traditional foods of the four regions. But it's much famous for Gujarati food and especially for Gujarati thali. As per people reviews, this is a good place for dinner with family.

Mumma's Food

If you want to eat homemade food then this best place to eat. Gujarati thali of this restaurant too yummy and you will get mom's hand testy food as per their name. The excellent quality food with the cheapest rate makes this restaurant famous between people.

Jay Matarani Dhaba

Jay Matarani Dhaba is one of the famous Gujarati restaurants in Infocity of Gandhinagar. Gujarati thali of this restaurant much famous between student, employees and young generation of Gandhinagar. One of the reasons for the popularity is high quality and the cheapest rate. We recommend you to visit one time and test the Gujarati Thali.

Gokul Dining Hall

Gokul Dining Hall is the best dinner point of the Gandhinagar city. This restaurant is famous for the quality and quantity of Gujarati thali with a taste of home food. Simple and tasty food at a reasonable price with quick serving attracts the people.
Final Words
Gandhinagar small city but facility wise very good city to live. You do not feel here for one second are you staying in a small town. If you are a food lover, so just visit now a restaurant in Gandhinagar city to eat Gujarati special thali.

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