A Tourist Guide of Sundarbans National Park India- Know The Interesting Facts

A Tourist Guide of Sundarbans National Park India- Know The Interesting Fact

Sundarbans National Park is a world-famous tourist place located in West Bengal, India. Sundarbans National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site for the mangrove forests between the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers, and Royal Bengal Tiger homeplace. The large part of Sundarbans forest located in Bangladesh approx 60%, and the smallest part 40% in India. Sundarban forest covers 10,000 km2 (3,900 sq mi) between Bangladesh and India. In Bangladesh Khulna division covers 6,017 km2 (2,323 sq mi) area and in Indian state West Bengal covers 4,260 km2 (1,640 sq mi) across the South 24 Parganas and North 24 Parganas districts. In the Indian, Sundarbans area has 102 islands that are divided into two parts like 54 inhabited and 48 forested. Sundarbans delta largest river delta in the world, and it's known as Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta. Name of Sundarbans comes from Sundari tree that is a local name of a mangrove tree.

History of Sundarbans

Sundarbans history connected to 200–300 AD, during this period Mughal Kings released their criminals in the Sundarban forest as Punishment. Many people died by when attacked by Tiger at that time. The first Forest Management Division for jurisdiction on Sundarbans was established in 1869, and mangrove forest was declared as reserved forest under the Forest Act(1865) in 1875. After partition India & Bangladesh, Sundarbans has two parts one part in Bangladesh and another in India. That part of India is known as Sundarbans national park.

Sundarbans park established as a national park in 1984 including the largest area of mangrove forests of the Ganga Delta. In 1987 Sundarbans national park declared as UNESCO World Heritage. Sundarbans mainly part of "Project Tiger" since April 1973 launched by the Government of India. The main objective of this project to ensure the tiger population, for this effort in Sundarbans has more over 400 Royal Bengal tigers.

Culture of Sundarbans People

Culture of Sundarbans People

Sundarbans is known for a unique culture and ritual with the folk festival. Whole Sundarbans people worship the gods Bonbibi, Dakshin Rai, Manasa Devi and Chand Sadagar. Sundarbans cultural one good example of unity between two different religions, here you will see Hindu and Muslim worship same deities. Both the communities worship the Bonbibi (a forest goddess) to protect the people of the villages from the tiger attack. Sundarbans folk festival a very famous event celebrated in Sundarbans town Pakhiralay, Gosaba and it is held every year December 29 to 31. This time tourists come from different regions to enjoy this festival. 

Climate of Sundarbans

Geographically Sundarbans is very close to the Bay of Bengal therefore humidity and rainfall are very high. Tides cycle in Sundarbans regions makes the life of people very difficult, here in single day occurs two times Low tides and two times high tides. The average temperature in Sundarbans is between 20 degrees to 40 degrees celsius in the whole year. This region is also known for Cyclone during May and October.

Wildlife of Sundarbans National Park

Wildlife of Sundarbans National Park 
Wildlife of Sundarbans National Park

In the world only one place where you will find the highest number of tigers, therefore Sundarbans national park one of the famous tourist destinations in the world. Wildlife researchers want to make documentary movies and wildlife animals studies on Sundarbans national park animals one time in life for their wildlife magazine and TV Channels. 
If you are birds lover so this best place for you, here you find the 270 types of birds. Sundarbans delta also dangerous for the saltwater crocodile, but now it is presently very low in number.
Here we provide you list birds and animals which are found in Sundarbans national parks.

List of Sundarbans National Park Birds


  • Black-capped kingfisher
  • Fulvous-breasted woodpecker
  • Masked finfoot       
  • Green Pigeons
  • Sandpiper
  • Mangrove Whistler
  • Brown fish owl

List of Sundarbans National Park Animals

  • Royal Bengal Tiger
  •  Leopard Cats
  •  Chital
  •  Jungle cat
  • Pangolin
  • flying fox

Best Time to Visit Sundarbans National park

Sundarbans National park

If you are planning to visit Sundarbans National park, then we recommended you the best time to visit between October to March because that time weather is the most enjoyable. From starting October to March is the winter season that time here temperature range from 10 to 30 degrees celsius. In the winter seasons, people mostly come to enjoy flora and fauna of the Sundarbans and beauty of a forest. People also come in monsoon season but that time too much risk of floods, now it is your decision which time to the planning of the visit Sundarbans National park.

How to reach Sundarbans National Park?

 Sundarbans Tour

For Sundarbans visit, Kolkata is the common stoppage for everyone so first arrive here. Distance between Kolkata to Sundarbans national park approx 160km. The easiest way is as follow:

First Travel to Canning from Sealdah station through Sealdah-Canning Local train it is approx 45km, from Canning to Sundarbans national park nearly 48 km. Now two entry points Jharkhali and Godkhali for Sundarbans forest. But Canning to Godkhali Ferry Ghat approx 29 km is the easy way and you can travel through the bus, auto and private car, then Godkhali port to Gosaba through Ferry Boat. Gosaba is the nearest town and gateway of Sundarbans.

Follow This Route

Sealdah station-> Canning station->Godkhali Ferry Ghat->Gosaba town->Sundarbans National Park

Sundarbans National Park distance from some major city of India

  1. Ahmedabad to Sundarbans 2240 km
  2. Mumbai to Sundarbans 2119 km
  3. New Delhi to Sundarbans 1624 km
  4. Indore to Sundarbans 1770 km
  5. Bangalore to Sundarbans 2030 km
  6. Jaipur to Sundarbans 1671 km
  7. Pune to Sundarbans 2050 km
  8. Bhubaneswar to Sundarbans 602 km

Entry fee of Sundarbans National Park

Sundarbans National park entry fee is Rs 60 for Indians and Rs 200 for foreigners. 

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Last words
Sundarbans is the god gifted natural and beautiful place of India. This place you can choose for every type of vacation as a family tour, office tour, college tour etc. But before planning any tour read our blog for extra guidance. Our blog helps you how to plan your Sundarbans trip and do it successfully. Thanks for reading our blog. Keep in touch with us through our social platform and also comment on our blog.

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