The Top 10 Most Popular Food of Gujarat - You Must Taste It

In the world, India is famous for so many things but mainly known for our Indian cuisine. We have so many types of foods as per our region and tradition like Punjabi, South Indian, Bengali but Gujarati food is famous for spicy with sweetness.
Gujarati food originally belongs from Gujarat, the western state of India. Gujarat is the hub of tasty food in India for their uniqueness of the food. Mainly Gujarat counted as a vegetarian state, so most of the cuisines belong from that category. Have own uniqueness in Gujarati cuisine as per these four major regions North Gujarat, Kacch, Kathiyawad and Surti. This uniqueness attracts people to eat, so let see the top popular dishes of Gujarat that are must eat.

10 Delicious Gujarati Dishes that you must eat

  1. Khaman
  2. Dhokla
  3. Dal Vada
  4. Methi Na Gota
  5. Thepla
  6. Muthia 
  7. Undhiyu
  8. Sev Tameta nu Shaak
  9. Gujarati Kadhi
  10. Gujarati Khichdi


Khaman is a healthy and tasty steamed snack prepared from soaked and freshly gram flour (besan). It is the most popular morning snack between people of Gujarat. So have many types of khaman like Surti Khaman, Sev Khamani, Vati dal khaman and nylon khaman but people too much like Surti Khaman. Surti Khaman is very famous in Surat, a city of south Gujarat. Traditionally Khaman served in a large green leaf of Kesuda, but city area mostly uses newspaper to serve it. It's a very healthy and light delicious snack with a good source of protein, so this good thing for diet followers people. We recommend you to taste it one time if you visit Gujarat. 


Dhokla is one of the famous recipes in the Gujarati people house. It's a fermented snack made through rice and besan and served with lasun chutney or green chutney. Usually, Dhokla fried with mustard, cumin seeds, curry leaves (Indian Lilac) that makes it tastier.

Dal Vada

If you are a street food lover, then it is a perfect dish for you. Dal Vada is the most eatable street food of Gujarat. It's also famous in South India known as Masala Vada but too much different in taste and recipe. In Gujarat, people use moong dal and South Indian people use chana dal in it. In rainy season people more eat and enjoyed it in their home with sliced onions and fried green chillies. 

 Methi Na Gota

Gujarati Methi Pakora a famous street food after Dal Vada, it is known as Methi Na Gota in Gujarat. Methi Na Gota has a unique taste with a little sweet, a little spicy and a little bitter owing to the methi leaves and it is the perfect snack during tea time in the rainy season in Gujarat. 


Thepla is one type of round paratha, made through whole wheat flour, oil and spice powders with fenugreek leaves (methi) etc. Thepla counted as one of the healthy breakfast in Gujarat that makes your body fit and increase the immunity. In the winter season, people eat more methi thepla because of this time they get methi leaves easily in Gujarat. Therefore Thepla is known as winter season food or snack.

Doodhi Muthia 

Doodhi Muthia is a traditional and healthy steamed snack made with wheat flour, bottle gourd and spices. That is a very famous Gujarati food between the people of Gujarat and served it in morning breakfast. 


Undhiyu is the mixed vegetable Gujarati recipe that is a regional speciality of Surat, city of Gujarat. Name of this recipe comes from Gujarati word " undhu", it means to upside down, traditionally cooked upside down underground in clay pots. People prepare the Undhiyu dish with fresh Vegetables and Dhokli muthiya. Undhiyu especially made in uttarayan- a kite festival of Gujarat during the winter season. 

Sev Tameta nu Shaak

Sev Tameta nu Shaak is the famous Gujarati dish prepared by Tomato, Besan Sev, and onion and other Indian curry spices. Sweet and Sour taste of Sev Tameta makes it hugely popular in every house of Gujarat. It served with roti or paratha in dinner or lunchtime. As per Gujarati Restaurant, Sev Tameta dish has a huge demand during lunch and dinner time. So if you visit Gujarat then must eat this food dish from Gujarati Restaurant.

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Gujarati Kadhi 

Gujarati Kadhi is the traditional recipe of Gujarat and people eat with khichdi. It is prepared from buttermilk or dahi and gram flour. Gujarati Kadhi one of the favourite dish in every house of Gujarat because it has ample of health benefits. 

Gujarati Khichdi

Khichdi is a very famous food in all over India, but every state makes it their own traditional style with different ingredients. Gujarati Khichdi very healthy and tasty food to make it with tuvar dal(Pigeon pea), Rice, and aromatic tadka (tempering) of garlic and few other spices. It is also known as Vaghareli Khichdi because of the style of making is aromatic tadka (tempering). Especially it is served with Kadhi and Ghee that's provide extra nutrition to your body.

In last, Gujarat is a very innovative state with different types of regional cultural therefore Gujarati food more famous in India and all over the world. So next time plan to visit Gujarat and taste the Gujarati food, and enjoy the Khushboo Gujarat ki.

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