Devgad Windmill Garden- Best scenic destination of Konkan

Devgad Windmill Garden

Devgad has a bunch of scenic tourist destinations and Devgad windmill garden is one of them. This is my first chance to see a closer view of the windmill and this tourist place made my Konkan tour successful. Let’s discuss more.

Devgad Windmill Garden - Why visit here?

Devgad windmill park situated between green nature and near to Devgad beach attracts the tourists. If you want to visit a peaceful tourist place then this is the destination for you because here you can find fewer people and virgin beaches. You can enjoy the scenic sea view from the garden and capture the eye-catching pictures with a huge windmill & sea  for your instagram.  

Here I enjoyed seeing the windmill and knowing how it works, and this was my first time to see how to generate green energy and I also enjoyed the zero atmosphere. 

How to reach Devgad Windmill Garden?

You can reach Devgad Windmill Park by road easily through MH4 and NH 66  but follow some tips

  • If you come from Mumbai -Goa highway then you take the MH4 highway and it takes nearly 9.30 hours to reach , and 436 km distance needs to be covered between Mumbai to Devgad. 
  • Another easy to reach Devgad windmill park is by rail and booked taxi, so how ? First reach the nearest railway station Sindhudurg which is 70 km far from Devgad , and you can first reach Ratnagiri railway station then reach Devgad through a taxi that I followed during my tour and from Ratnagiri to Devgad distance is 115 km.
  • Last and final option is a bus that runs from Ratnagiri bus stop but frequency is very low therefore I suggest you take a taxi or rental vehicle. 

Best time to visit Devgad Windmill Garden

Devgad Windmill Garden

Winter is the best season to visit Devgad windmill park because this time the weather is pleasant but you can visit in the rainy season also.

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