19107 Bhavnagar- Udhampur Janmabhoomi Express Train

Bhavnagar- Udhampur Janmabhoomi Express

Bhavnagar and Udhampur are completely different cities and both have geographical differences. Udhampur is located in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and its a famous tourist destination for tourism lovers, and Bhavnagar is a beautiful city in Gujarat and near the Arabian Sea and is famous for the world's largest ship breaking yard named is Alang. Indian railways connected the both cities through a train which name is Bhavnagar- Udhampur Janmabhoomi Express and here we discussed about route , time and fare of this train.


Time Table of Bhavnagar to Udhampur Janmabhoomi ExpressTrain

If you are looking to travel from Gujarat to Kashmir then this is the best train that runs between both the destinations and to help you out I researched all the details of this train. This starts the journey from Bhavnagar terminus at 4:25 am in the morning and reaches Udhampur the next afternoon 15:00 PM and the train takes 36h 40min for 1842 km distance . Get a full list of stops and time from the table below.

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Station Name Arr Depart Halt Time Distance
Bhavnagar Terminus(BVC) origin 04:25 origin 0
Sihor Junction(SOJN) 04:48 04:49 1 21km
Dhola Junction(DLJ) 05:01 05:02 1 49km
Botad Junction(BTD) 05:36 05:38 2 92km
Surendranagar Gate(SRGT) 06:45 06:46 1 167km
Viramgam Junction(VG) 08:31 08:33 2 232km
Ambli Road(ABD) 09:19 09:21 2 281km
Gandhinagar Capital(GNC) 10:00 10:02 2 309km
Mahesana Junction(MSH) 11:06 11:08 2 371km
Palanpur Junction(PNU) 12:43 12:45 2 436km
Abu Road(ABR) 13:20 13:30 10 489km
Jodhpur Junction(JU) 17:30 17:40 10 757km
Phalodi Junction(PLCJ) 20:10 20:40 30 894km
Kolayat(KLYT) 21:56 21:58 2 1006km
Lalgarh Junction(LGH) 22:55 23:05 10 1052km
Mahajan(MHJ) 00:31 00:33 2 1168km
Suratgarh Junction(SOG) 01:55 02:00 5 1212km
PiliBanga(PGK) 02:23 02:25 2 1230km
Hanumangarh Junction(HMH) 02:55 03:00 5 1255km
Mandi Dabwali(MBY) 03:45 03:50 5 1280km
Bathinda Junction(BTI) 05:15 05:25 10 1337km
Faridkot(FDK) 06:11 06:13 2 1428km
Firozpur Cantt. Junction(FZR) 07:15 07:40 25 1460km
Jalandhar City Junction(JUC) 10:00 10:10 10 1577km
Pathankot Cantt(PTKC) 11:53 11:58 5 1689km
Jammu Tawi(JAT) 13:30 13:40 10 1789km
Udhampur(UHP) 15:00 - - 1842km

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Fare list of Bhavnagar to Udhampur train

In Bhavnagar- Udhampur train, you will book your tickets in three classes 2A, 3A and SL and run every Sunday from Bhavnagar Railway Station. 


  • SL class ticket price for adults is 715 Rupee & for children it's 350 Rupee.
  • AC 3-tier ticket price for adults is 1900 Rupee & for children it's 950 Rupee.
  • AC 2-tier ticket price for adults is 2,755 Rupee & for children it's 1,365 Rupee.


What is the train number of Bhavnagar to Udhampur Express?

Ans: Bhavnagar to Udhampur Janmabhoomi Express Train Number is 19107  

What is the distance covered by (19107) Bhavnagar to Udhampur Express train?

Ans: Bhavnagar to Udhampur Janmabhoomi Express train covered is 1842km `  

Is there any train to Jammu and Kashmir from Gandhinagar Capital Railway Station?

Ans: Yes.Bhavnagar to Udhampur Janmabhoomi Express train have stoppage at Gandhinagar Railway Station

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