Ranchhodraiji Dakor Temple- Know all things about this tourist destination

Ranchhodraiji Dakor Temple

Dakor is the famous pilgrimage and small municipality in Kheda district in Gujarat and it is known for Ranchhodraiji maharaj temple .In ancient time,  Dakor was known for Danknath Mahadev temple a worship of god shiva, and that time Dakor was known as Dankpur. But subsequently this place became a Vaishnavite center with the fame of  Ranchhodraiji maharaj , its a form of lord Krishna and temple built in 1772 AD  on the name of  Ranchhodraiji maharaj.

Lord Krishna came in Dankpur now time Dakor and met with Dankmuni at him Aharam that time he pleased with kindness of Dankmuni. Dankmuni asked lord krishna to stay here with Dankpur and that time lord Krishna promised him to come here in Kalyug but lord Krishna back here Dwaparyuga in the form of Ranchhodraiji maharaj. This is some history I have known from my research and local people that I expressed here but now I will talk about my tour experience of this place.

My tour experience was good but I completed my darshan very fast in a crowd of people so be prepared to face this situation if you are planning to visit here in the afternoon. But my heart is totally spellbound  after the Darshan of Ranchhodraiji Maharaj in the temple and the beautiful structure of the temple forces you to take photographs and make your tour memorable. Dakor Temple is situated on the banks of Gomti Lake which is another beautiful tourist place near the temple and this Gomti Lake has historical importance related to Lord Krishna. This Gomti lake is a beautiful place for boating and photography, so don’t miss this place to visit during your Dakor temple visit.

Gomti Lake
Dakor Temple

What are the tourist activities at Gomti Lake?

Gomti lake is an ancient lake and it's a beautiful waterside tourist destination in Dakor. Here you can do boating and photography with your family and special ones. 


How much does it cost for boating at Gomti lake?

Here lake authorities run two type boats, one is a motor boat and another is pedal boat at nominal cost. 20 rupees per person for motor boat riding in a group and 15 per person for rupees for pedal boat. 

How to reach Ranchhodraiji Dakor temple?

You can reach here by train and road. The nearest railway stations are Dakor and Nadiad, so if you come by Mumbai line you need to change trains from Nadiad Junction. By road I suggest Dakor is a good option to visit the temple and if you are a couple then you can go by two wheeler from nearest cities like Ahmedabad, Nadiad, Anand and Gandhinagar etc. I visited Gandhinagar by two wheeler and it was an amazing experience.

What is the distance of Dakor temple from Major cities of Gujarat?

  • Gandhinagar to dakor distance is 99 km
  • Ahmedabad to Dakor distance is 86 km
  • Vadodara to Dakor distance is 72 km
  • Nadiad to Dakor distance is 35 km
  • Anand to Dakor distance is 36 km
  • Surat to Dakor distance is 228 km


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