How to make traditional gujarati dal dhokli | Gujarati Dal Dhokli Recipe

dal dhokli

Gujarat is known for their business minded people and tasty food.Gujarati people like spicy food with sweetness and in this blog we come with one of the traditional Gujarati food recipes which is dal dhokli. Dal dhokli is the popular gujarati recipe and it's made in every traditional gujarati family house in their lunch or dinner time. Dal dhokli could be eaten by both types of people who like spicy or sweet because it's made spicy with a sweet combination. 

Dal Dhokli is the mixing of Dal with a small size dumpling that is made using wheat flour and normal spices powder.In this blog we discuss on how to make dal dhokli step by step as below.

How to make dal dhokli step by step

First we make the chapati dough for dhokli using wheat flour and normal masala powders with salt but this dough make little bit hard because it's easier to cut in square size.Below steps & Masala used to make the chapati dough for dhokl.


Step : 1  Take an atta mixing bowl and 500gm wheat flour for 3-4 people.

Step : 2  Add  1 spoon salt as per your taste

Step : 3  Add  1 & half spoon turmeric powder 

Step:  4  Add  1 spoon chilly powder as per taste

Step : 5  Add  1 & half glass water slowly-slowly with mixing of wheat powder.

Step:  6  Add  3 oil spoon oil and mix the dough 


Now we prepare the dal using tuvar dal or Pigeon peas, now first take one medium bowl and add two - three cups approx 300-400 gm dal and follow below steps.                                                        


Step:1  Add three cups of approx 300-400 gm dal in a pressure cooker then add water and boil it for 10-15 min.

Step :2 Take Kadhai and two oil spoon 

Step :3 Add 1 tablespoon of Cumin. 

Step:4  Add 1  tablespoon mustard seeds.

Step:5  Add 2 pcs dry chili. 

Step:6  Add 1 tablespoon Ginger garlic paste then properly mix.

Step:7  Take two medium size onions and a big size tomato then cut it small size and add it in  Kadhai.

Step:8  Add 1 tablespoon turmeric powder.

Step: 9  Add 1  tablespoon chili turmeric powder. 

Step:10  Add 1 tablespoon Coriander powder.

Step:11  Fry the mixture upto redness.

Step:12 Now open the pressure cooker and check the dal is properly boiled or not, then add the whole dal in the Kadhai and mix it with a mixture of onion and tomato.

Step:13 Add 2-3 medium glass water after 5 min mixing of whole dal with mixture.

Step:14 Add 1 tablespoon salt as per  your taste

Step:15 Cook it up to 10 min then add 10-30 gm groundnut and close the kadhai 5min -10min

Step:16 Make the roti using previously mixed dough then cut it square size.

Step: 17 Add the square size small dhokli and mix it slowly, and cook it 10-15 min with low gas flame with close kadhai. 

Step:18 Open the kadhai after 10 min and add 1 tablespoon Garam masala then mix it properly.

Step:19  Now add 10 gm jaggery for a little bit of sweetness and it makes dal dhokli pure gujarati style.

Step:20 Check the dhokli is properly cooked or not then add the coriander leaves small for tasty flavour.


Now you can serve one of the healthiest dal dhokli with the taste of Gujarat to your family in a small size of bowl.

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