Bhatye Beach Ratnagiri - How to reach , Tour Experience, & More

Bhatye Beach Ratnagiri

Western ghat is the beauty of India and full of natural tourism, and Bhatye beach is part of this land. Bhatye is the small village near Ratnagiri city in Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra and Bhatye beach situated in this village and its 1.5 Km far from Ratnagiri city. 

What are the specialties of Bhatye Sea beach?

Bhatye Sea beach
  • Bhatye beach is famous for its sunrise scenic view in the early morning.
  • Bhatye beach sand  mixed with red and white.
  • Bhatye sea beach is one of the cleanest beach of Ratnagiri
  • You can see beautiful landscape views, Mandavi sea beach , and Ratnagiri lighthouse from here. 
  • This is the best place for morning exercise and evening relaxation.
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How to reach Bhatye beach?

Bhatye beach is nearest tourist destination from Ratnagiri city, and easiest  way to reach Bhatye beach are as below

  • First reach Ratnagiri city by train or by Mumbai-Goa highway and then you can visit Bhatye sea beach using auto rickshaw or cab.
  • If you want to reach by air then the nearest airport is Mumbai Airport, then you can come to Mumbai then come to Ratnagiri using train or road.

Best time to visit Bhatye beach

  • The best season to visit here is winter between October to February, but if you live near Bhatye Beach then there is no restriction of time nor of any season, you can come here anytime.

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My experience

This is the best destination for nature lovers and I visited this place in the morning and felt energetic. I visited this place for the first time and returned with good memories. You can enjoy a beautiful sunrise view and an early morning beach view.

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