Mandavi Beach Ratnagiri- Everything need to know

Mandavi Beach Ratnagiri

Konkan region of Maharashtra is the full package of natural tourist destinations and Mandavi beach is one of them which is located in Ratnagiri district. This is my first visit to the Konkan region and first I had chosen to visit Ratnagiri and the nearest places. First day of my tour started with Mandavi beach which is also known as the Gateway of Ratnagiri.Do you want to know how this tourist destination was? Don’t skip and all things know about this tourist destination. 

Mandavi Beach- Gateway of Ratnagiri

Mandavi beach is the black sand beach on Arabian Sea and Gateway of Ratnagiri is the beautiful walk-way on Sea and jetty point which is most attractive between tourists because of the sunset view. Pratinidhi Dhondu Bhaskar is the key person who works on the structure of Gateway of Ratnagiri. For people of Ratnagiri city, it's the evening refreshment tourist place and therefore its one of the crowded beaches in Ratnagiri. 

   Note Down these things before visit Mandavi Beach

  • Best time to visit Mandavi beach is the winter season and visit before 5 pm at this beach because this time you can see the sunset view.
  • Its 9.8 km from Ratnagiri and 2 km from Ratnagiri bus stop.
  • Easiest way to reach Mandavi beach is through an auto-rickshaw from your hotel because it is cost effective. 
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My experience at Mandavi Beach Ratnagiri

Sunset is the best experience for me because after a long time I saw the sea beach sunset view. Beach cleanliness is needed in this place and also local or tourist people spread the garbage near the beach which needs to stop because this is finished as our natural tourist destination. 

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Mandavi Beach Ratnagiri Photos

Mandavi Beach Ratnagiri Photos
Mandavi Beach Ratnagiri

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