Dang Forest Tourism- Best Tourist Places for your Holidays

Dang Forest Tourism

Dang is the last district in the south part of Gujarat and a hill station with a green forest range. Dang is connected with the Maharastra border, so here lives the mixing of two states' people. Beautiful city Ahwa is the administrative headquarters of Dang, and you will find all facilities during a tour here. Dang is known for waterfalls, green forest areas and beautiful Saputara hill station, and this time we covered the best tourist places in Dang.


Top Tourist Places in Dang

  1.         Saputara Hill Station
  2.         U-turn
  3.         Girmal Waterfall
  4.         Gira Waterfall
  5.         Purna Wildlife Sanctuary

Saputara Hill Station

Saputara Hill Station is one of the best tourist destinations in South Gujarat and here you will get to see beautiful natural scenery. You can see the Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats and the river Sarpaganga here and it is the best hill station for tourists who love nature walks and greenery after Polo Forest. You can witness the photogenic sunset at the Saputara hill and go boating on the Saputara Lake with your family members and loved ones.The best time to visit Saputara is during the winters from October to February and during the rainy season you can witness the mesmerizing waterfall here.


U-turn at Dang

U -turn is an amazing tourist destination in Dang district of Gujarat.River Gira takes complete U-turn form En route to Girmal near village Gavdahad and it looks dangerous. If you are planning to visit Dang in the rainy season then you must visit here. You can do beautiful photography here for your lifetime memory. 

 Girmal Waterfall

The Girmal waterfall is a very beautiful tourist destination in Dang and its situated between Purna wildlife sanctuary forest range . The Girmal Falls near the U-turn is one of the best waterfalls in Gujarat and if you are planning to visit here, do visit during the rainy season.

 Gira Waterfall

Gira Falls is located 5 km away from Wagahi town on Saputara road and this falls is 85.6 km away from Girmal Falls. This waterfall originates naturally during the rainy season and meets the Ambika River. If you like waterfalls then you must visit here once.

 Purna Wildlife Sanctuary

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is a famous tourist place in Dang and it is mainly known for Sahyadri hill range, and also known as Saputara hill station. Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is named on Purna river and this is an important river in south Gujarat districts.  Purna Wildlife Sanctuary is spread in 160.84 sq. km area and here you will see beautiful waterfalls, rivers,  wild animals , hills , and beautiful forest therefore Purna wildlife Sanctuary known as Kashmir of South Gujarat.I suggest all of my viewers must visit this tourist place and boost the tourism industry. 

FAQ on Dang tourism

Why is Dang famous?

Ans: Dang is famous for tribal life and nature tourism.Here you can find here the best forest hill station that is known as Saputara and beautiful waterfalls.

Which is the best time to visit Saputara?

Ans- Best time to visit Saputara is Winter between Oct-Feb and Rainy Season between June- September month.

Why is Saputara famous?

Ans- Saputara is famous for the beautiful Sahyadri hill range and waterfall, and boating activities on Saputara Lake.

How many villages are there in Dang district?

Ans- Dang district has 311 villages and 3 Taluka Panchayats.

Can I go to Saputara by Train?

Yes. Waghai Railway station is nearest railway station at Bilimora , 50 km far from Saputara and another

Can I go to Dang by Bus?

Yes. GSRTC bus well connected with Ahwa city and Saputara, so buses are also easiest way to reach here. 


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