7 Places in Delhi where you can eat wholesome meal under 10 rupees

7 NGOs filling stomach of needy in less than 10rs in Delhi

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Indian foods are famous worldwide for their diversity. It is said, food is the soul of India. In our country, festivals are meant for enjoying a full platter of dishes. Having so much importance of food in India, there are 20 crore people who sleep empty stomachs every night. It becomes more difficult when it is to survive in a metro city like Delhi. There are people who are not getting a full meal a day. 

 So there are a handful of people who have come to help them get a full wholesome nutritious meal. They are serving food which a daily wage laborer can easily afford.

Here are some places like this where they get food for just 1 or 5 or 10 rupees.

List of NGO for food distribution in Delhi for poor people


  • Jan Rasoi

Jan Rasoi

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Jan Rasoi is serving food in 1 rupee to the needy. This kitchen opens from 12 pm to 2 pmIt was started by Cricketer and MP Gautam Gambhir last year in December at Gandhi Nagar. Now he has opened the second canteen of Jan Rasoi at Ashok Nagar. During the time of launch, he has announced to open at least one Jan Rasoi in each 10 assemblies of East Delhi. So far they have had two outlets in East Delhi. Having seats for 100 people, they are allowing 50 people at a time due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Location: 9/36, Kailash Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Shahdara, New Delhi, Delhi 110031.



  • Dadi ki Rasoi 

Dadi ki Rasoi

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With the determination of providing quality food to the poor at 5rs, businessman and chemist Anoop Khanna has founded Dadi ki Rasoi. It all started from his mother's wish to feed one poor daily. Since 21st August 2015, he has been serving food to all the needy in Noida on a daily basis of 500. He has 4 CCTV cameras to monitor the quality of the food. He was invited to Rashtrapati Bhavan to discuss how he is providing food at just 5 rs. He opens his stall from 12 pm to 2 pm. Not only that but, he has also started providing clothes for just 10 rs. 

Location: Shop no 39 shop number 150 Block I, Ganga Shopping Complex, Sector 29, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301


  • Devdoot Food Bank

Devdoot Food Bank

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Devdoot Food Bank is a food NGO run by Mr. Pankaj Gupta and his brother Vipin Gupta. They have started this initiative in the mission to feed people who used to eat from the dumpster. In August 2008 they took all their savings and started it with an aim to feed 150-200 people a day. Now every day they are serving 1,000 people. The place where they distribute food that used to be a dumping ground years ago. It provides one meal a day for 5 rs, and it is free for all the children. In the night they go to the areas to distribute food packages where someone can't come to the stall.

Location: Sadar bazar, Near Jain Mandir, Opposite Govt. Girls school, Gurugram 122021

  • Change with One Meal

Change with One Meal

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When Mr. Kiran Verma saw the vulnerability of his childhood friend and started a place where people can eat food easily without harming their self-respect. So, he decided to make its price as low as a daily labourer can afford. It comes under their Change With One Foundation. They change the menu of meals daily so that everyone will be physically fit and get nutritious food. They feed almost 700-1000 daily. It starts from 11 am till the people come. They made this outlet like a restaurant where no-one will think they are having food in 10 rs. 

Location: 201/6, Metro Station, Main, Rd Number 66, near Maujpur, Maujpur, Babarpur, Delhi, 110053


  • Shree Shyam Rasoi

Shree Shyam Rasoi

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Shree Shyam Rasoi, where everyone is getting food in just 1rs is started by Mr. Praveen Kumar Goyal from 11 am to 1 pm. Seeing people who always have to sleep in empty stomachs, he sold all the machines which he used to make notebooks. In this kitchen almost 1000-1100 people have food with a smile on their face. Recently they also have started distributing clothes to the needy. To make this initiative successful, Mr. Rajeev Singh gave his property without any rent. Many students help them as volunteers. He also distributes food on e-rickshaw who can't come to the place.

 Location: 54/14, Shop no. 1, Near Shiv Mandir, Bhooton wali Gali, DHD- Dawa Bazar, Nangloi, Delhi, 110041


  • Maa Foundation

Maa Foundation was founded by Muskan Panday who is now a social activist. When she used to go to her office, she witnessed poor people having unhygienic food from stalls. To fulfill their needs, she started this noble initiative. She wakes up daily from 4 am and prepares food. They provide both lunch and dinner to people for just 10 rs. Her foundation is also educating slum children. They have 4 outlets in Delhi where a total of 700 people eat on a daily basis. They start this service from 8:30 am with breakfast and they serve food till the afternoon. 

Location: Vikaspuri F block, Vikaspuri PVR, Janakpuri and Keshopur Mandi in New Delhi 


  • Food with Dignity

A Chartered Accountant Sanjay Dodrajka who stays in Maya Enclave in West Delhi started this initiative. There he saw many rickshaw pullers, daily wage workers who are not getting enough good food. So, inspired by Dadi ki Rasoi he founded this organisation where he is providing food in just 10 rs where they can have food at an affordable price with dignity. They first started serving near their colony to a few people in November 2018. Slowly it increased its number, now about 200 people coming here regularly. He tried to employ females through this where they will be able to make some money. It opens from Monday to Saturday every week.

Location: D-19, SatGuru Ram Singh Rd, Mayapuri Industrial Area Phase I, Mayapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110064

These noble souls took the initiative, but it is our responsibility to help them to make this a movement. Indeed, it is a movement where nobody in our country will die of starvation. If one privileged family can serve food to one unprivileged family, no one will be left empty stomach. We can't control the waves of Covid-19, but we can feed at least once a day. So, what do you think about these initiatives?

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