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In Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan, the Ranthambore National Park, which attracts many visitors for its wildlife tourism, is located. The park, located on the lower slopes of the majestic Aravalis and Vindhya Mountain ranges, is a terrific place to begin a thrilling vacation surrounded by nature, featuring an excellent opportunity to encounter wild animals.

Ranthambore Tour is packed with natural beauty.

Spending time in a forest's solitude while seeing its diverse and beautiful species is equivalent to a rendezvous with nature. The only predator the world has ever produced that is as fierce and beautiful as the Royal Bengal Tiger is only occasionally visible. The reserve was first created by the Indian government in 1955 as the Sawai Madhopur Gaming Sanctuary.

It was selected as a Project Tiger Reserve in India in 1973. Ranthambore became a national park in 1980. In the nearby woods, Sawai Mansingh and Keladevi sanctuaries were established in 1984. The Sawai Mansingh, as well as Kaladevi Sanctuaries, were added to the tiger reserve in 1991.

Reasons to visit Ranthambore Tourist Places

Here are some motivations for you to get a Ranthambore tour package.

Excellent tiger and animal sightings

Tigers can be easily spotted at any time in this reserve, which is unique in the area. The popularity of tiger trips there is partly due to this. Ranthambore is the perfect place for any nature enthusiast, with its 40 distinct mammal species, 320 distinct bird varieties, 40 diverse reptile creatures, two amphibian creatures, 50 diverse butterfly creatures, and 300 different plant species.

Leopards, wild boars, nilgais, sambars, sloth bears, hyenas, and chitals are a few of the prominent wild animals, in addition to tigers. It also has a vast diversity of plants, trees, avian life, and reptiles.

A Fort in Dense Forest

Another factor that qualifies the fort as a historic site is the fort's intricate ruins, which may be found at the park at Ranthambore. Some of the ancient forts and reservoirs that encircle the national park are located within the conservation area and command a majestic view of the surrounding landscape. The Ranthambore Fort, with a height of 700 feet, is situated around 5 kilometres inside the park. The fort is recognized and listed as a part of the World Heritage Site "Hill Forts of Rajasthan."

Ranthambore's Main Attractions

Ranthambore's Ruins About 13 kilometres separate the Sawai Madhopur Railway Station from the famed Ranthambore Fort. The Ranthambore Fort was the residence of Machali, the most famous tigress to have resided in the Ranthambore National Park before she died away a few years ago. The fort was built in 944 AD and was initially named "Ranath Bhawar Garh" (translation: "a location for Rajput warriors").

Fans of tigers visited this fort to see Machali, "the empress of Ranthambore," drawn by her regal and magnificent movements. She earned a reputation for bravery and increased her range by killing the remaining Ranthambore tigers. Other famous attractions include:

  • The Ganesha Temple - The Trinetra Ganesh Temple, Rajasthan's oldest shrine, is inside the historic Ranthambhore Fort. King Hammer, who had a vision concerning Lord Ganesha before seeing a depiction of him sporting three eyes (Trinetra) within the fort, erected this well-known temple at Ranthambhore.
  • The Jogi Mahal - A fort named the Jogi Mahal is among the best things to see in Ranthambore National Park.
  • A valley called Kachida - The Kachida Valley includes an array of boulders and gentle slopes on the reserve's boundaries. Visitors can enjoy exploring the Kachida Valley region by going on a Jeep safari.

Choose through Ranthambore Tour Packages for an exciting journey.

Affordable getaway

The airport closest to Ranthambore is in Jaipur, 180 kilometres from the reserve. Ranthambore National Park and Sawai Madhopur Railway Station are separated by around 11 kilometres on the Delhi-Mumbai Main Line. Through a road, Ranthambore is connected to the outer world. To get to Sawai Madhopur, it is suggested that you use a taxi or rent a car. It is only two kilometres from the Kota-Ranthambore highway.

You can also choose Pushkar Tour Packages for an exciting trip that takes you to places close to Ranthambore.

Fantastic opportunity for wildlife photographers

Having the most experience photographing wildlife, nature photographers may wait years for the perfect snap. For that one little second when everything works perfectly. Ranthambore National Park is an excellent location for a photographer of wildlife. 

A beautiful Ranthambore Forest Safari

A wildlife safari, an overland journey into the deep forest, allows one to see and shoot the park's primary features. In Ranthambore National Park, you can choose between a Canter with twenty passengers and a Jeep with six seats, with prices varying according to your selection. Spend time getting lost while exploring the animal kingdom and watching the wild animals walk around in their natural habitat.

Playing tag with animals is an experience, so you can be sure your heart will skip a beat when you encounter one.

Ideal for bird watching

If you want something less demanding or captivating, lift your toes off the floor and search the grassland for some of India's unique birds. Bird gazing should be restricted to the patient. For an excellent time bird watching, you'll need a good set of glasses and the capacity to maintain calm and patience.


A never-ending pursuit is identifying a wide variety of unique and stunning birds. The Ranthambore ecosystem's diverse landscapes and water features support many uncommon birds and animals. Currently, 272 different species of foreign birds are known, such as grey hornbills, flycatchers, flamingos, and nightjars. So choose extensive Ranthambore Jaipur Tour Packages for an exciting experience.

Top Hotels for Wildlife Tours

Every time someone decides to visit a new location, the question of accommodations frequently crosses their minds. Ranthambore has everything, from luxurious hotels to resorts. Both affordable hotels and lavish villas are available in Sawai Madhopur. For those who like a mix of luxury and camping in the woods, there are high-end resorts like Nahargarh, Sher Vilas, and Vivanta by Taj. If you love staying in simple, delightful camps, plenty of other options exist.


Ranthambore is the ideal destination for a trip with friends and family because of its vibrant and stunning scenery, which you must not miss. Additionally, you can receive help to partake in pleasurable pursuits, see some unique species, and create vacation memories.

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